Diego Rodríguez Martín

Diego Rodríguez Martín

Product Designer

General information


I am a digital product designer with experience in working as a team to create profitable, honest, and effective solutions. My interest in design is based on its ability to have a positive impact on both people's experience and business objectives.

Since my early days as a designer, I have always sought to create clear, coherent, and solid products. For me, business, technology, and design must go hand in hand, never losing sight of the fact that the ultimate goal is to improve people's experience by adding value to the product.

When I am involved in projects, I put special emphasis on working closely with my frontend and backend colleagues to achieve the best possible result within the set deadline. I am committed to continuous learning and am always looking for new challenges in which I can work as a team and contribute my skills and knowledge.

My best practices

In my job it is key to have constant conversations with stakeholders and users, to be able to translate the needs of the company to the product and of course that it helps users in their day to day life in the most efficient, accessible and rewarding way possible.

Through conceptualisations and documenting is the best way to have a support to share that information with the technical team, of course there are live meetings but always with written information and the necessary data to complete the tasks.



Technologies and tools

I master

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Xd
  • Confluence
  • CSS
  • Figma
  • Jira
  • Miro
  • Sketch
  • Trello
  • Visual Studio Code
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